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Jurassic World’s Dinosaurs Roar to Life, Thanks to Bird Calls

From National Audubon Society:

A charging Stegosaurus, a bloodthirsty Indominus rex, a screeching Pteranodon, and . . . a baby pelican? The digitized dinosaurs of Jurassic World aren’t as terrifying as you might think, at least if you listen closely: Their roars, growls, and squawks are actually provided by their living descendants—birds.

“Birds are a great source for dinosaur sounds,” says Al Nelson, one of the sound designers for the film, “because they are tonal, musical, and expressive, and that is what we are always on the hunt for.”

This is something the franchise already knew well: Gary Rydstrom, the sound designer on the original 1993 version, employed several birds to voice his dinos. That Velociraptor death hiss? It’s really an irate goose.

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Happy Earth Day!

Cedar Waxwings perched in Amherst State Park, NY
Cedar Waxwings perched in Amherst State Park, NY

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Preserve the Buffalo Outer Harbor on Lake Erie as Public Parklands

There is an excellent op-ed by Jay Burney in the Buffalo News calling for the preservation of Times-Beach Nature Preserve.  The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. (ECHDC) announced development plans to create a condo community, endangering this significant and rare wildlife habitat:

“When the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. (ECHDC) conducted its very short-term public engagement process regarding Outer Harbor development last summer, many of us were stunned to find that the “final option” presented by the consultants involved creating a new private condo community around the Times Beach Nature Preserve, including in Wilkeson Pointe Park.

We were stunned because many of us, including Times Beach Nature Preserve advocates, have been working on Outer Harbor issues for decades. We participated at every public opportunity provided by the ECHDC. The announced development plan would significantly impact Times Beach Nature Preserve. The plan ignores the nature preserve, the reasons that it is a nature preserve and the importance of protecting and continuing it as a nature preserve.” (Buffalo News)

Please sign the petition to save Times-Beach and the Outer Harbor.

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